During the course of our collaboration and support of physicians, HealthOPM has identified the learning needs and skills gaps that exist in healthcare environs. Our team has designed courses to address some of the business and talent issues prevalent in today’s healthcare world. We’ve collaborated with a leading private career college to offer courses and unique work-integrated training opportunities for individuals involved with the care of patients. The two current offerings are:

Customer Service for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are expected to deliver superior service when working with patients and their families. The customer service for healthcare workshop is a detailed exploration of what a service -oriented care approach looks like. Ways to implement a company-wide culture change will also be discussed. This seminar is offered multiple times a year. The course follows a semi- flipped classroom design that includes required pre-readings and videos that offer the theoretical background related to the discussion topics. Concepts in service excellence are examined through case studies. By course end participants will have the skills to be patient champions.

All successfully placed candidates have free access to this course.

Location: Online
Duration: ½ day
Date: Quarterly

Job Readiness Skills Training

We are proud of our role in helping international medical graduates (IMG) launch their careers in the Canadian healthcare industry. This course provides field training and career advising for the foreign trained sonographer. An ultrasound technologist practicing in Canada is expected to possess, beyond technical precision, core competencies in areas such as interpersonal skills, professional ethics and patient care. This course delves into these areas and more, and exposes the technologist to case studies that challenge critical thinking. Finally, there will be some interaction with the clinical care team where they will demonstrate their understanding of the class teachings.

The course will enhance the following skills:

  • Attitude and professionalism
  • Interviewing and communication skills
  • Patient documentation
  • Leadership skills
  • Safety knowledge
  • Equipment and supplies usage

Duration: 38 hours
Date: TBD