Full service, managed solution

Our clients all across Ontario have the advantage of a management team that focuses on all aspects of their business. Emerging research data links staffing as a key factor affecting healthcare clinical, operational and financial performance.

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing healthcare system, running your business is easier with our support. Our integrated solution is an innovative, turn-key service available to forward thinking owners and clinicians.

Facility Management

Outsourcing your operational tasks to HealthOPM empowers you with expert advice and access to a talented and passionate team. Our team is trained to coordinate specialized functions in management such as:

• Operational and cost efficiencies review
• Quality improvement
• Inventory and procurement management
• Regulatory compliance and general management functions

Whether you need full talent deployment or a take-over of your existing employees, HealthOPM has the credentials and demonstrated expertise to help grow your business, as a partner. Our HR administration solution improves clients access to needed staff members without the financial burdens, expensive redundancies and cumbersome administrative tasks associated with traditional staffing solutions.

HealthOPM is diverse, not only will you gain access to a strategic management partner that’s focused on your business growth, you can also expect our reliable and trained support team to offer assistance in all HR generalist functions including:

  • Strategic Workforce Planning & Recruitment
  • Life Cycle Talent Management
  • Support With Compensation and Benefits Delivery
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Policy Formulation
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Administrative Support

By outsourcing your HR tasks to HealthOPM, you’ll have the satisfaction of receiving expert advice and access to a talented and passionate team that are trained to coordinate specialized management functions. Our goal is to lower labor costs, reduce staff turnover and improve patient outcomes such as boosting quality of care and enhancing patient experiences.

When you partner with us, you enjoy increased satisfaction, business stability and improved margins; all without sacrificing quality and the safety of your patients or residents.


HealthOPM is neither a POE nor an EOR. To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us at partnerships@healthopm.com

We only focus on healthcare, and as a boutique firm, we do a better job of listening and meeting your needs. Our goal is to lower labor costs and reduce staff turnover all while improving patient outcomes.


Modernized healthcare investing

We partner with businesses to provide patients and their families the highest level of service and quality of care that they deserve. Through a capital investment and best in class management, we advance our resources towards restructuring and repositioning, expansion, renovations, equipment purchases or in any business activity that supports growth advancement. We have an interest in start-up’s and in existing businesses that are under performing.

Our focus is on multi-specialty medical clinics, retirement residences, and assisted living care homes. We are flexible; no one solution fits every owner’s needs, however, in that we are committed to your growth and success, we invest only in the companies we manage. This strategy has proven to be the most effective and ensures that both parties’ interests are aligned.

Still, in certain situations, we may consider a lease to purchase arrangement.

Partner Advantages

  • Shared employer liability
  • Access top talent for your facility
  • Total talent management
  • Benefits for your employees
  • Lower labor cost
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Streamlined business functions

When you partner with us, you enjoy increased owner satisfaction, business stability and improved margins; all without sacrificing quality and patient safety.