How Agency Nurses Increase Patient Care

If you or a loved one has been in the hospital recently, chances are that nurses played an important role. Nurses from nurse staffing agencies can be seen all over hospitals and medical centers these days.

Hospitals need nurses from staffing agency to help them meet their nurse-to-patient ratio requirements mandated by law. These ratios dictate how many nurses must be on staff at any given time for every patient admitted to the hospital.

Unfortunately, hiring more full-time employees is expensive and not always feasible due to budget constraints, thus creating nurse shortages. 

Nurse staffing agencies provide more flexibility in hiring practices as they can hire staff quickly when there is an increase in patient care load due to an epidemic, weather emergencies or other planned or unplanned absences..

Hospitals tend not only to benefit financially but organizationally too with the help of nurse staffing agencies because these agencies, like HealthOPM often will assist with onboarding specific to their facilities’ needs.

These benefits are not only for the facilities, but they extend to the patients as well! 

  • More qualified nurses mean better and more professional care.
  • Better nurse-to-patient ratios allow for improved and timely care.

More qualified nurses mean better and more professional care.

When your facility works with HealthOPM, you can be assured that we will deploy qualified and trained nurses. This results in better and more professional care for your patients. We ensure our nurses have the skills necessary to provide the best quality care for your patients.

Better nurse-to-patient ratios allow for improved and timely care.

Working with agency nurses does not only increase the quality of care, but also the timeliness of the care. When you don’t have enough nurses on staff, nurses are burnt out and their quality of care goes down, along with the timeliness of attending their patients.

By working with agency nurses, your facility has a better nurse-to-patient ratio, which results in relieving your nurses of additional stress and allows your patients to be helped promptly!

A Partner For All of Your Nurse Staffing Needs

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you with your staffing needs at your healthcare facility, look no further than our expert team at HealthOPM!

HealthOPM specializes in the expeditious placement of outstanding healthcare professionals into your facility. We solve staffing challenges by aligning our clients with experienced and pre-screened healthcare professionals in no time!

By providing strategic support to healthcare and medical organizations across Ontario, HealthOPM is empowering better-coordinated care delivery for Canadians and their families.

Get in touch with us today by calling 905 491 6808!

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