3rd Medical Battalion nurse helps battle COVID-19

Nurses are in high demand these days. 

Some days, clinics have a nurse shortage and often need last-minute help due to a call-in. Such clinics may only require a nurse to fill-in for the day, and that’s usually not always an easy problem to solve. 

Rather than hiring a new full-time nurse, our Nurse4ADay program is the perfect solution for clinics that experience an unexpected shortage or busy day where extra help is needed!

Here are three reasons, we believe our Nurse4ADay is a great solution.

Content Outline

1. Save Money On Staffing.

2. Only a Phone Call Away.

3. Save Time.

1. Save Money On Staffing.

Clinics can save money with Nurse4ADay. Rather than hiring a permanent nurse full-time, which is more expensive and requires an extensive screening process, our nurses can fill in the gap for one day at a lower cost.

Our Nurse4ADay program gives clinics access to a pool of trained nurses who are pre-screened and available on-demand.

There’s no need to hire full-time, when you can just give us a call!

2. Only a Phone Call Away.

With Nurse4ADay, it’s easy to schedule a nurse. There’s no need to pay for expensive job boards, searching and screening nurses. We maintain an active candidate pipeline and can provide an immediate response to any urgent staffing needs you may have come up with!

So next time you have a nurse absence, whether it’s due to a last-minute cancellation, maternity leave, or a sick day, Nurse4ADay is just one phone call away to help!

3. Save Time.

It can take weeks to go through the screening process, have your first interview and complete all of their paperwork before they start working for you! With Nurse4ADay, this entire process has already been completed. Hiring a new nurse can be time-consuming, especially when it’s a last-minute call in and you need immediate help.

We work closely with our nurses and can provide a fully trained nurse whenever help is needed.!

In Conclusion

Many clinics need a fill-in nurse, when it’s least expected. Our Nurse4ADay program is the perfect solution for any clinic that requires immediate nurse staffing! Our program will help you save time, money and provide an experienced nurse in just one phone call!

Having a nurse fill an absence for the day has never been easier or more convenient!

With the winter months on the horizon, anything could happen. If you want to be proactive, sign up for our Nurse4ADay program? There’s no commitment on your part. Get in touch with our team at HealthOPM today!

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