Student Nurses Have Returned To School, What Now?


As summer has come to an end, student nurses have returned back to school. Many nursing students have been assisting in care homes for the summer. Although some student nurses might be able to come back and work over the weekends, this is not always possible.

What’s the plan now without the help of student nurses? Health facilities must now plan how they will adapt while maintaining quality patient care. 

Nurse shortages have been a topic of discussion for years, seemingly without an end in sight. These challenges must be addressed head-on in order to promote improved patient outcomes and successful health care results.

There’s no question that student nurses have made a big difference while working in care homes, and society should recognize this effort. It is important not only for students who want to become great nursing professionals but also for patients, residents, and families of those living in care homes!

Another option of course is searching for qualified candidates, interviewing them, orienting them, and hopefully hiring them if all goes well. This process can take weeks on end, and if you’re lucky you can get a few qualified hires.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal option, as it’s very time-consuming and does not guarantee results when you need them most.

However, nurse staffing agencies can be a life-saver for facilities. They help source for qualified and trained nursing professionals and provide them as needed.

Working with a nurse staffing agency,  you get candidates who are screened, qualified, trained and are a match with your facility.

So instead of looking for potential candidates and screening them yourself, nurse staffing agencies can provide a nurse for you from their database.

By working with a nurse staffing agency like HealthOPM, you will save your facility countless amounts of time and money, all while filling up the positions you need immediately to avoid a severe nurse shortage.

If you’re a health facility whose student nurses have left and you need help filling in their positions, get in touch today with our team at HealthOPM for all your nurse staffing needs!

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