Why Long-Term Care Homes Are Still a Good Choice For Families.


Despite the pandemic pitfalls, long-term care homes (LTC) are still a viable option for many families instead of homecare.

Over the past year and a half, many families have been concerned due to the rising number of deaths in long-term care homes because of COVID-19.

Although many people are worried because of the impact of COVID-19 in long-term care homes, we explain why LTC’s are still a good option and why you should still choose long-term care homes.

Content Outline

1.) 24/7 supportive and secure community for the elderly.

2.)Numerous Activities to keep residents active.

3.) Care from trained and caring nurses.

What is Long-term Care?

Long-term care is nursing care provided in an assisted living facility, nursing home, or other care settings. Long-term care may be a better option for individuals who require more intensive medical treatment like constant monitoring because it’s made to address all these needs. In a long-term care home, the residents also have 24/7 access to dozens of trained nurses.

1. The elderly have a supportive and secure community around them.

A long-term care home is full of people who have gone through some of the same experiences as a new resident might be going through. They understand what it’s like to be afraid or lonely and many will do all they can to make your loved one feel welcome in their new community.

But it’s not only the residents that form an LTC community, it’s the nurses and other staff as well. With the help of nurse staffing agencies, agency nurses are not just skilled in nursing care, a good agency makes sure they’re suitable for the specific care home a nurse is assigned to.

With the support of both the residents and the nurses, your loved one will be surrounded by supportive people who will try to make sure they’re healthy and happy at all times!

2. Activities for the elderly to keep them active.

With long-term care homes, you can rest assured that your loved one is getting the right amount of exercise. Activities like exercise or games with friends help keep their bodies active and strong so they can continue doing more everyday tasks without feeling exhausted!

Nurses understand the importance of keeping the elderly active, especially when living at a long-term care home!

3. Care from a lot of trained and caring nurses.

In long-term care homes, the residents will have nurses to assist them around the clock. LTC homes are taking extra steps to be more safe and clean, especially during the pandemic! This includes more social distancing for higher risk patients, good hygiene, and having educated nurses.

In today’s climate, it’s hard to predict when a nurse might call in.

But with nurse staffing agencies working closely with long-term care homes, they ensure that there’s never a shortage of trained nurses and the residents are always in safe hands!

As compared to home care, where you might only have 1 or 2 caregivers around you to help.

In Conclusion

With all of the challenges the pandemic has brought, long-term care homes remain a suitable option for some of the elderly instead of home care.

When COVID-19 was at a peak, so was the number of deaths in long-term care homes which raised concern for families about their loved ones. Today, long-term care homes have fully focused on improving the safety of their care homes for their elderly residents. 

3 reasons long-term care homes are still a good option for your loved ones include: 

  • The elderly will have a supportive and secure community around them.
  • Activities for the elderly to keep them active.
  • Care from trained and caring nurses.

We can still consider long-term care as a safer and secure alternative for senior citizens instead of homecare!

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