Ontario has outlined its reopening plan. Is your business ready?


Workplace Safety Plan

If the pandemic has taught us all one thing, it’s that the unexpected can happen and disrupt our normalcy. The Canadian government is currently taking more active steps to bring the country to normalcy, and Ontario businesses are also making plans to bring their workers safely back to the workplace. Having a COVID-19 workplace safety plan will help safeguard your staff and customers alike.

The major concern for everyone is to avoid the possibility of an outbreak among their employees and possible spread to the community. Therefore, businesses with plans to reopen have a significant role to play in helping prevent virus transmission. Some of the measures advised by the CDC and regional healthcare officials to businesses includes, promoting sanitary behaviours such as frequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, promoting physical distancing with signpost and engineering controls such as plexiglass, installing proper ventilation systems, encouraging mask/face covering and frequent health screening like the rapid antigen test.

Rapid Antigen Test and Covid Screening

Rapid Antigen test is a mini swabbing device that is a quick and effective in detecting the protein that produces SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). It is an extra precautionary step used after other screening tools like the COVID-19 test questionnaire, to identify cases that might have been missed. Used on asymptomatic persons, people who have the virus but show no symptoms of it, the Rapid Antigen test is very important tool that helps to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus thereby assisting Ontario businesses to ease their way back to normalcy. The test can be administered anywhere, including work premises, by trained individuals under the supervision of a medical health professional such as a nurse from a medical staffing agency.

HealthOPM Medical Staffing and Recruitment Agency

HealthOPM is a medical staffing agency that provides top quality nurses to businesses and healthcare facilities across Ontario. We have put in the time and the resources into training the individuals that administer the Rapid Antigen test. By hiring our nurses, you have the peace of mind of having an experienced team on site to administer testing as frequently as needed and with the required efficacy. Our nurses are dedicated to the care and safety of all people, and they are aware of all health guidelines.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the needed steps to safeguard the health of your customers and employees. Call the experienced nursing team at HealthOPM to provide onsite covid screening and Rapid Antigen testing. If you need a head start in ensuring a safe work environment, please contact us today.


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