3 Ways Caring Improves The Health of Patients.

Caring for patients is a vital part of a healthcare worker’s job. Research has shown that the health and wellbeing of patients improve when they are cared for by someone who empathizes with their needs and listens to them.


Top 3 Reasons You Need a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Do you manage a facility that staffs nurses and other healthcare professionals? If you are but you’re not currently working with a healthcare staffing agency, then you may be missing out on a lot of highly useful and time-saving benefits in today’s environment.


Travel Nurses – The solution for nurse shortages in remote areas

The shortage of nurses is being felt everywhere mainly because of the low nurse to population ratio, and the impact continues to affect patients in remote settings. Remote areas are unfortunately more disadvantaged because of other major factors. Some of those include lesser income for nurses than their counterparts in urban areas, universities and colleges with health care programs are mostly offered outside remote areas, extreme workload and high stress levels encouraged by understaffing and demand that dissuade nurses to work in remote areas. This disadvantage has had a great impact on patients’ wellbeing, increased number of deaths and disabilities and further, overcrowded emergency departments in healthcare centers.


Ontario has outlined its reopening plan. Is your business ready?

Workplace Safety Plan

If the pandemic has taught us all one thing, it’s that the unexpected can happen and disrupt our normalcy. The Canadian government is currently taking more active steps to bring the country to normalcy, and Ontario businesses are also making plans to bring their workers safely back to the workplace. Having a COVID-19 workplace safety plan will help safeguard your staff and customers alike.


Nursing shortage continues to be on the rise in Canada and the USA?

For the past eighteen months, the demand for nursing staff in the USA and Canada has on an extravagant rise, and the demand continues. According to recent statistics from 2019 by the Canadian Nursing Association, there are 439,975 regulated nurses in Canada and according to American Nursing association about 4million nursing staff in the USA. But with all these numbers there continues to be a shortage of nurses.